Pharr Neighborhood Demanding Solution to Caliche Nuisance

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PHARR – Dust continues to be a problem for residents in a Pharr neighborhood.

Looking at his neighbor across Eldora Road, Crisanto Garcia said the caliche gets carried in the wind.

"You cook a steak it's going to taste caliche," said Garcia.

Plants on Garcia's property facing the neighbor are coated in dust.

 He said it's an ongoing problem after complaints going back two years.

Garcia showed Pharr Municipal Court orders, telling staff at the caliche lot to water the ground to prevent dust.

CHANNEL 5 NEWS contacted the City of Pharr, where Garcia lodged complaints.

City staff declined to comment and said the matter is being heard in Pharr Municipal Court.

CHANNEL 5 NEWS asked the Pharr Municipal Court if they are monitoring compliance by the lot operator.

A representative for the court said only a hearing is scheduled for next month.

"It's still the same thing," said Garcia.

He's still looking for a solution.


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