Phone scammers threatening people with legal action

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One group of people is being targeted by a new phone scam.

"There are a lot of scammers out there that are making phone calls, leading people to believe that they are a big corporation, or they owe them money,” Better Business Bureau President Hilda Martínez said.

The BBB says scammers are mainly targeting the elderly - taking not just money, but also their personal information.

Scammers on the phone are telling people they are being sued and need to respond with the proper information for legal action to be taken. 

Martinez said you need to be the one asking them for information.

"Try to get as much information from them first, do not give out any personal information to them on the phone," Martinez said. 

A process server said you're much more likely to get an in-person visit than a phone call if they need to reach you for any reason.

If you do get a call, you can always reach out to the county and ask if there is an actual lawsuit pending. 

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