Photojournalists Capturing the Experience of a Holiday Parad

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MCALLEN – There were many who were able to catch the McAllen Holiday Parade onsite or watched it stream live online.

Photojournalists do their best to capture the perspective of what both spectators and those participating in the parade are experiencing during the event.

The McAllen Holiday Parade has quickly become a Rio Grande Valley favorite. Every year CHANNEL 5 NEWS joins in on the fun.

It takes a team of four talented photojournalists to make sure the CHANNEL 5 NEWS float is ready.

We arrive early the day of the event before the roads are closed off to assist McAllen Public Works with any last minute preparations.

This year we featured a new Spanish newscast on Channel 5.2 which will launch in January.

Behind the scenes, some of our talent gets to meet and greet with celebrities such as Guillermo Rodriguez from Jimmy Kimmel Live!

As the sun sets, it’s go time.

Our float carries all the Channel 5 familiar faces, as well as four photojournalists with four television screens facing the crowd capturing your smiling faces.

CHANNEL 5 NEWS looks forward to seeing everyone show us the 5 – 1s every year.

At the end of the parade route, we pack up and get ready for next year.


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