Police advise to properly dispose of trash after Christmas

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It is Christmas Day, some people may have already opened gifts Saturday night, while most waited for Sunday.

“It's trash, I mean, I usually just leave it outside. All the gifts I mean, I have no use for the box. I just leave it outside, and hopefully they pick it up on time,” Valley resident Angel Gurrola said.

“You don't think about it, It's just trash, like the boxes I guess it's not like a collectible,” Valley resident Jon Silva said. “I'm not collecting the box.”

But just tossing your boxes can show everyone outside what you now have inside your home.

“It's always best to crush your boxes, fold them away, break them down, put them in the recycle bin if they fit in your trashcan where they're out of sight,” Alton Assistant Chief of Police Mark Perez said. “If not, just hang onto them and reach out to your local recycling centers.”

Police say it is not just your trash where thieves can get a glimpse of your gifts, they also recommend avoiding posting it on social media, especially if you are going out of town.

Watch the video above for the full report.


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