Police Arrest Leader of Home Invasion Ring Linked to Gulf Ca

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SAN JUAN – A member of the Gulf Cartel is behind bars accused of leading home invasions all over the Rio Grande Valley.

Investigators told CHANNEL 5 NEWS more charges are likely to come against Macrin Marin Rios-Cerda. He's the last of six men to be arrested by San Juan police and the U.S. Marshals for a home invasion back in April.

Rios-Cerda was arrested at the low-income housing on Aldea Street in Mission Wednesday. His group is accused of stealing cash, narcotics and valuables, according to San Juan Police Chief Juan Gonzalez.

“This is a home invasion crew that knew what they were doing. They've been doing it for years now,” he said.

Police identified the men as suspects back in April. They allegedly broke down the door of a house on Loma Azul Street with masks on their faces and guns in their hands.

“They are affiliated with the Gulf Cartel and that was a major concern for us and they also are individuals that probably committed other crimes, violent crimes,” Gonzalez said.

McAllen police also confirmed they have a warrant out for Rios-Cerda for a home invasion back in June on Covina Avenue. At the time the FBI was involved in that investigation, according to police. 

Although the crew would target other drug dealers, Gonzalez said innocent people would sometimes get caught in the crossfire.

“Innocent bystanders in a residence could potentially be caught in the crossfire of a home invasion,” he said. “So it's important for residents to call us when they suspect neighbors are involved in drug activity because sooner or later there will be a home invasion near that residence.”

He said shutting down the crime ring is a win, but it won’t stop violent home invasions from happening.

Rios-Cerda is in jail with bonds totaling $2 million.


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