Police Expect to Spend Time Waiting Under Senate Bill 4

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PRIMERA – The implementation of Senate Bill 4 will mean more situations where officers will be waiting on the U.S. Border Patrol.

SB4 creates penalties for police departments who direct officers not to check legal status or those who don't share information with federal authorities.

When this happens during traffic stops, it means an officer has to wait on a Border Patrol agent to arrive.

"We're waiting for the federal agency to show up because they're also tied up doing their thing," said Primera police Chief Manuel Trevino.

Trevino said the wait time ties up officers when they could be preforming other duties. He said a Primera police officer will be forced to leave if another call comes up.

"Whether it be any kind of call or accident or domestic, anything, those are priorities,” said the police chief.

For a small town police department, these wait times can be frustrating.


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