Police Gets $15K Grant to Install Defibrillators in Units

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WESLACO – Weslaco police officers are undergoing training for new automatic emergency defibrillators.

A $15,000 grant from Knapp Medical Center volunteers will allow 12 automatic emergency defibrillators to be installed in Weslaco police units.

Dr. Robert Sepulveda, director at the Heart Training Center, said he came up with the idea after realizing AED devices are available in parks, schools and ambulances but not police cruisers.

“Early defibrillation – we tend to save more lives or return to spontaneous circulation faster and better,” he said.

Dr. Sepulveda said in many cases, police are the very first to respond to an emergency. For him, those crucial seconds with these medical devices can save a life.

Knapp Medical Center’s Department of Education offers various courses for CPR certifications to nurses and daycare workers. You can contact then at 956-969-5455 to schedule a class. 


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