Police Turn to Technology to Crack Down on Speedsters

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LAGUNA HEIGHTS - Some Laguna Heights residents said they’re fed up with people speeding through their town. Without local law enforcement, they have to rely on county agencies.

Only one constable deputy works per shift in Precinct 1 in Cameron County, thus making it difficult to cover the entire area.

Resident Fernando Garza Jr said one of their own was hit and killed by a vehicle five months ago.

“There are families with little kids and those trucks drive real fast. They don’t care about the families,” he said.

CHANNEL 5 NEWS found there was no street lights or caution lights until the next town over, Port Isabel.

Cameron County Precinct 1 constable Pedro Delgadillo said they are aware of the issue.

“We have been having complaints in this area, in the Laguna Madre area… Laguna Heights is one of the complaints that we have. Speeders going through there, they don’t slow down,” he said.

Laguna Heights isn’t the only town with a speeding problem. CHANNEL 5 NEWS reported Bayview, a town within the same precinct, had a similar issue.

Delgadillo said they’re trying to tackle the problem but are currently understaffed.

“I only have four deputies and it’s kind of hard in those areas. We respond to calls. We just can’t be in that area where we have complaints with speeders,” he said.

The constable said with no funding to hire new deputies, they decided to invest in a $10,000 radar. He said it will act as an extra pair of eyes for spots they can’t patrol regularly, like Laguna Heights.

“(It) also gives you data, how many vehicles have been going through this highway and records and gives you results of the vehicles that have been going through here speeding,” he said.

We wanted to know how Garza felt about the possible solution. He said he’s glad someone is finally taking action. 


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