Police Warn about Car Thefts during Holiday Season

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BROWNSVILLE – Police are warning about car thefts that occur throughout the holiday season.

Residents in Brownsville could receive a ticket warning them to hide their valuables – but this is not a real citation.  

The Brownsville Auto Theft Division has been checking for unlocked vehicles and valuables left in plain sight.

KRGV’s Sierra Pizarro spoke with Detective Melissa Gonzalez, public information officer for the Brownsville Police Department to learn more about how to prevent theft.  

“You don't want to make it easy for the criminal to identify you as an easier target,” she says.

The Texas Department of Motor Vehicles gives several tips: park in well-lit areas, hide valuables under a blanket and never leave your car running unattended – leaving your key in unattended motor vehicle is a crime in Texas.       

Watch the video above for the full story.


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