Policies Prohibit Immigration Detentions in Certain Places

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WESLACO - Immigration officers have to follow rules when it comes to questioning people in certain places.  

The stated goal in one memo is to avoid disruption at sensitive places like schools, churches and hospitals.

John Michael Torres with La Union Del Pueblo Entero said it happened to him near La Lomita in Mission.

“The officer said that he questioned me because I had a backpack in the backseat of my car. And so that was enough for him to decide that he wanted to stop and ask for my identification,” he said.

Torres said he’s familiar with rules that limit what agents can do in certain places.

Policy limits ICE and Border Patrol agents from making arrests, interviews and searches at hospitals, schools, churches, funerals, community centers and public demonstrations.

Torres said he hasn’t heard of any rules being broken.

The policies state officers and agents should or shall get approval from a supervisor if they carry out an enforcement action at one of the places mentioned.

There are exemptions to the rules when near the U.S. border. Officers and agents can still go into or near those sensitive places under exigent circumstances or when the public’s safety is at risk. 


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