Political experts weigh in on historic SCOTUS nomination of Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson

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Political science experts are weighing in on the historic nomination of the first Black woman to the Supreme Court. 

Constitutional law professor Albert Kauffman says the nomination of Judge Katanji Brown Jackson will have an impact on representation.

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“I think for the African-American women, the fact that there's an African-American woman on the court will be a great symbol for them," Kauffman said.

Brown’s nomination hearings have had its tense moments, especially with Republican senators.

Political science professor Natasha Altema says the questioning is mostly political theater to appeal to their base.

"But they're being asked in order to instigate a reaction from her,” Altema said. “So then the rhetoric can then become, ‘Look at how she reacted. She's unprofessional. She is inadequate.’"

Senators will vote on confirming judge brown during the coming month.

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