Port Aransas Businesses Start to Rebuild Months after Storm

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PORT ARANSAS – Businesses are starting to open up once again. Lives are coming back together nearly half a year after Hurricane Harvey hit.

The storm slammed the coast of Texas just three hours north of the Rio Grande Valley.

Boarded up homes and piles of debris are seen lined up and down the streets of the beach town of Port Aransas.

“We call that progress, the places that don’t have any piles of debris; those are the ones that aren’t coming back,” said Mary Honeck.

Along with many others, Honeck is rebuilding her business.

“The beach is beautiful, the marina is fully functional, a lot of the restaurants are open,” she said.

Hurricane Harvey made landfall six months ago. It took out most of the homes and businesses in Port Aransas.

For Honeck, this is actually the second time she’s working to restore her hotel business.

“We bought it back in 2010 and it was kind of in rough shape,” said Honeck. “That was the running joke as soon as we finished last year, well now it’s time for the hurricane. Oh well.”

The hotel will be ready for spring break. Honeck, also a Port Aransas resident, tells CHANNEL 5 NEWS the town still has challenges ahead. Many people are without a home.

Positive reminders are visible to people in the area. The words “Port Aransas Strong” flashes on signs. No doubt they have a long way to go.

“We hope everyone comes back and enjoys Port A, it’s a great place,” said Honeck.

She says it will take time but she’s happy the island is nearly functional once again.

CHANNEL 5 NEWS reported about the many people in Port Aransas who are still living in hotels.

County and city leaders told us FEMA staffers aren’t really helping when it comes to finding housing for them.


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