Port Mansfield Residents Waiting Out Harvey

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PORT MANSFIELD – Some people in Port Mansfield are choosing not to leave their homes as Hurricane Harvey approaches the gulf. However, they are preparing for what Harvey may bring.

CHANNEL 5 NEWS crews saw some people boarding up their windows, picking up sandbags and closing their hurricane shutters.

Port Mansfield resident Estella Muzquiz and her husband manage and live at David's Fishing Lodge.

She said her husband spent the day tying up loose items outside.

"There is nothing much we can do but just tie it up and put everything that is loose in the store room," she said.

Supplies are ready if needed, but Muzquiz said there isn't too much concern on her mind.

"For right now I think we're pretty... we will be okay,” she told CHANNEL 5 NEWS.

Donna Laird also calls Port Mansfield home. Her concerns are also minimal.

"If I went through Dolly, I can go through this one is the way I look at it," said Laird.

City officials said they're ready to help if Harvey takes aim.

"We have some areas for recovery that we have setup in case we do get where we can bring the citizens in, make sure they are fed and taken care of," Port Mansfield Police Chief David Mayes said. “We've got medical supplies on hand, working well with Willacy County."

Muzquiz said faith is also at the forefront as Harevy churns closer to the coast.

"Just pray for everybody here in Port Mansfield," she said. 


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