Preparations Underway for Annual Charro Days in Brownsville

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BROWNSVILLE – This Sunday kicks off the biggest annual celebration in Brownsville.

The 81st Charro Days Fiesta is an event the whole city comes together to celebrate.

For eight decades and one year, Charro Days has been the event that unites the city.

“It’s the largest and oldest organization and event here and so yes, this is something we all look forward to every year,” Charro Days Executive Director Rosendo Escareno said.

And the unveiling of the new Charro poster brings out city, school, businesses and residents.

“If I can have my good friend, Don Pancho, por favor ven paca y Mario tambien. These guys are true Mexican Charros,” one man said.

Each year the poster is different and usually turned into a collector’s item.

Charro Days began as an idea to promote the economy and the culture of two cities – Brownsville and Matamoros.

“It was created during the depression to lift the spirits of our community,” Escareno said.

“Lots of dances. Lots of food. Lots of music. Lots of entertainment. A carnival. We just have a week of fun,” Lucy Escamilla, President of Charro Days Board, said.

And it all kicks off this Sunday at noon when they block off the street in front of the Charro headquarters.

“We have a large dance that we start on Sunday, Feb. 18 for the Baile Del Sol, which is going back to the original street dances we used to have in the early 50s,” Sandra Rodriguez with the board of directors said.

Chickie Samano says her first Charro Days was when she was 8 months old. “It brings the child out of me. I feel young. I’m 80 years old but I feel like I’m 15 during Charro Days,” she said.

In fact, Chickie is part of the opening act of Charro Days with her now world renown grito.

It’s a full week of fun for the city of Brownsville.


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