Progreso Lakes Resident Pleased with National Guard Along Border

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PROGRESO LAKES – A Rio Grande Valley man wants to know if there will be a change of guards in his town.

Progreso Lakes resident Daniel Jones says he wonders if the new orders to send National Guard troops to the border will affect who patrols his streets.

Jones tells CHANNEL 5 NEWS a year and a half ago, he moved out of Weslaco to get away to a serene location.

But he says sometimes life in Progreso Lakes has its disruptions.

"We had at least nine people arrested at the end of the street here just last week,” he says. “So, I'm not surprised. It seems like there's been a lot more activity coming across lately.”

Jones says he believes the idea of sending National Guard troops to the border near his home will not disrupt his peace too much. He says in fact, he thinks it will help the local economy.

However, Jones says he's not a fan of the Department of Public Safety troopers’ presence.

"Quite often, the governor has DPS all over the Valley. I like to drive over to the Santa Ana Refuge and sometimes, there will be a half dozen or more DPS in the 10 miles between here and there," explains Jones. "With the National Guard down here, I suppose the governor can send the DPS back to where they're supposed to be. I don't see they contribute much down here.”

CHANNEL 5 NEWS reached out to DPS to ask if its troopers in the Valley will move elsewhere.

DPS Press Secretary Tom Vinger spoke with us in an off-camera interview. He says his agency could only issue the following statement, which reads in part:

"DPS continues to implement the directive by the Texas leadership and Texas legislature to bolster security at our border through Operation Secure Texas.

Operation Secure Texas was a program launched in 2014 to secure the Texas-Mexico border. The Office of Governor Greg Abbott describes it as a coordinated effort between DPS, the Texas National Guard and federal law enforcement."

Jones says he just wants to go back to his bird watching and do that in peace.

If you would like to report suspicious activity near the border to DPS, you can do it online or over the phone.

DPS has set up a web page for you to file a report as part of its iWatch program.

You can also call DPS and leave a tip, anonymous if preferred, at 844-643-2251. If you have an emergency, DPS asks you not use the web page or the phone number to report it and call 911.


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