Prosecutors: Federal agents were investigating state district judge in Cameron County

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Prosecutors told a judge Wednesday that federal agents had been investigating a state district judge in Cameron County.

The discussion occurred Wednesday during the third day of Brownsville school board Trustee Sylvia P. Atkinson's trial on bribery charges.

Prosecutors told U.S. District Judge Fernando Rodriguez Jr. that Brownsville school board Trustee Laura Perez-Reyes — a witness in the Atkinson case — was also involved in a separate federal investigation that targeted state District Judge Elia Cornejo Lopez.

Perez-Reyes, who is running for Cameron County district clerk, wanted Lopez's support in the election, according to prosecutors.

Lopez, who is involved in litigation with the Brownsville school district, wanted Perez-Reyes to support a settlement agreement in her case, according to prosecutors.

Perez-Reyes had Atkinson serve as a go-between when she responded to Lopez's request to support the settlement agreement.

Prosecutors said Perez-Reyes was not a target of their investigation and did not accept Lopez's request.

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