PSJA nutrition program aims to teach students about sustainability

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An initiative at PSJA schools teaches students about growing produce and sustainability.

In an effort to encourage students to live healthier, eleven schools in the district have adopted the PSJA Child Nutrition program’s Farm-to-School initiative.

It was modeled after the idea of “farm to table”, where fresh food that comes straight from the farm is healthier and better for the environment.

PSJA’s Child Nutrition Program partnered with special needs students from the Pathways Toward Independence program to teach students about gardening.

“They're my expert gardeners, as I like to call them,” said Agroecology & Sustainability Supervisor for the PSJA Child Nutrition Program Habraham Lopez. “They're the ones that come to the garden, teach the students about plants, how to grow them, how to eat them, and they’re even willing to cook for them, if they can.”

The initiative teaches kids science fundamentals.

“We get to do a lot of science from our garden: Again, life cycles, pollinators, recycling, and just caring for environment, and living a non-living things,” said Berta Palacios, an elementary science lab teacher.

Lopez says he hopes the farm-to-school initiative will inspire other school districts in the Valley to start similar programs.


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