Rainwater Seeping into Several Hargill Homes

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HARGILL – Several inches of rain fell in a short period of time in parts of Hidalgo County causing some major issues for homeowners.

Water has made its way into several homes in Hargill.

Residents said the drainage is not working fast enough.

“I haven’t seen something like this since… Beulah. Beulah was the worst, 1967,” Hargill resident Jesus Delgado said. “Now there’s no Beulah and we got a lot of water. I’m surprised we got water here.”

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Delgado said they got around 11 inches of water inside his house. He said he doesn’t have much hope anything will change anytime soon.

“I want for the commissioner, I want for the Alamo Water, I want the whole Valley to hear what I’m saying, because the commissioners say, ‘Yeah, we’ll be there tomorrow to do this’ or that. They never show up,” he said.

The Hidalgo County Fire Marshal’s Office said they can answer calls for flooding on roads, but they cannot use county equipment on private property.

They said if a resident needs to call something in, they should call the emergency management office or the sheriff’s office to report a non-emergency situation.


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