Red Cross in need of volunteers amid pandemic

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The Red Cross is in need of volunteers after Hurricane Hanna hit The Rio Grande Valley, however they have been facing some challenges due to the pandemic.  

Dr. David Luna, the executive director for The Red Cross South Texas said they had to respond differently this year. 

"The big change and challenge has been sheltering," Dr. Luna said. "We didn't want to send a lot of people into large areas again because of COVID." 

Typically, the Red Cross would shelter people into large domes and gyms, but in effort to keep everyone socially distanced they've partnered with hotels — currently three in Weslaco and one in Brownsville. 

"So far we've provided over 1,200 night stays at these hotels, so folks are still there," Dr. Luna said. "Our next step is the recovery process trying to get folks if possible back to their homes."

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