Red Cross Volunteers Aiding Community With Disaster Relief

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HARLINGEN - Red Cross volunteers from across the country are assisting with cleanup following June 24th flooding. 
Red Cross Disaster Specialist, Axl David says they are helping communities across the Valley. He says, "We have been very busy, we were in Monte Alto yesterday (Friday), we had a huge line for most of the day, in Harlingen today (Saturday) where we'll probably have a huge line again, there's certainly a need here for these clean up supplies, for those case workers and sort of things."
David says they will be helping until the need is gone. 
Community Service Centers will be opened through Monday. 
     • Sunday: Maria Luisa Guerra Technology Building, 116 Santa Vista Ave. in Santa Rosa, from 1pm-8pm 
     • Monday: Mercedes Civic Center, 520 E Second St in Mercedes, from 11am-8pm 
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