Remains of Missing San Benito Teen Returned to Family

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HARLINGEN – It’s been nine months since the remains of a San Benito teen were discovered in a remote canal near Rio Hondo.

Nahomi Rodriguez’s family says they’ve been waiting to give her a proper burial; until today.

Shortly after they were found, the remains were sent to the University of North Texas to be examined. They’ve been back in Harlingen for several months while police review the case.

It’s now time for the family to get their loved one back.

“We have her remains and we will be burying the little bit that we do have of her,” says Nahomi’s aunt, Enedina Sanchez. “At least, we’ve gotten to give her that right. At least, we’ve gotten to give her that dignity. That small portion that we are able to do is lay her to rest.”

Sanchez tells CHANNEL 5 NEWS it still doesn’t bring closure. She says it leaves many questions unanswered since police have yet to confirm a cause of death.

“There are no signs of intentional fractures or any intense physical abuse. Of course, not all of her remains were found but the few that were, were diligently studied,” she explains.

We went to the Harlingen Police Department to find out where the murder investigation stands. The spokesman for the department, Larry Moore, says police have no information they can release.

According to Sanchez, new teams detectives, both on local and federal levels, are now assigned to the case. She says it gives them hope that someone is taking a fresh look at the case.

“They are taking it back to square one. They are re-interviewing people. I think what I want is, I want answers. Who doesn’t want answers? What happened to her?” she says.

Sanchez says without solid proof of how Nahomi died, there are many possibilities of what may have happened.

Still, she says she’s sure someone knows something.

“I said it from the very beginning, I was not going to give up on her and I’m not,” she says.

Sanchez says the details of the burial are still being worked out between family members.

She says Nahomi is expected to be buried at the Mont Meta Cemetery near San Benito in the next two weeks.

Police describe the vehicle that Nahomi was last seen in as a silver or light-colored SUV, possibly a Ford Escape or similar to it. 


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