Reports of Stronger Immigration Efforts by Mexican Officials

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MCALLEN - Agents took part in an operation to detain hundreds of immigrants that were traveling on a train from Mexico to the U.S.

Authorities say they detained 370 immigrants from the train, who were later transferred to a detention center; they will be returned to their home countries.

The McAllen bus station is a stop on the steady stream of immigrants that recently crossed the Mexico border.

Santos Granados and his daughter got to the station after a month on the road from their home in El Salvador.

"You have to bring a birth certificate to show that your child is yours,” says Granados.

Attorney Jennifer Harbury says she’s seeing a more aggressive approach from Mexican Immigration officials.

"The Mexican officials started grabbing anyone that didn't have visas and holding them for a long time and threatening to deport them if they ever came back to the bridge. Some of them were deported outright," says Harbury.

However the Director for Mexico and Migrant Rights, Maureen Meyer, says the Mexican government started the year offering a generous number of humanitarian visas to immigrants.

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