Researchers Using Methods to Keep Pharmaceutical Out of Water System

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WESLACO – Texas researchers say they have a promising new way to keep prescription drugs out of the water supply.

For nearly 45 years, Sander Pharmacy has taken care of people who need help.

Pharmacist Michael Sander says he knows when a drug is taken, some of it gets absorbed and the other part goes straight into the digestive system.

Much of the drug ends up in the user’s urine, which isn’t fully filtered by many conventional water treatment plants and enters the water consumed by people.

In the Rio Grande Valley, several cities get their downstream from other people’s wastewater discharged.

The United States Environmental Protection Agency says it raises concerns about human health.

One researcher says the problem is bacteria are evolving to resist drugs.

Professor Virender Sharma from from Texas A&M University is using a new method to keep the pharmaceuticals out of the water.

He says this method is just the start of a long development process.

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