Residents Already Selling Properties to Space X, Some Refuse

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NEAR BROWNSVILLE – The countdown is ticking for some residents at Boca Chica Beach Village as SpaceX moves in.

Some say they are feeling the pressure to move out as neighbors sell their homes to the California-based company. They say it’s just a matter of time before SpaceX comes knocking at their door.

Cameron County residents Bonnie and Terry Heaton say they’re standing firm.

“They will have to come and take me away because I’m not leaving my house,” Bonnie tells CHANNEL 5 NEWS. “We’ve been here for 18 years, there’s no reason we should be shoved out because they’ve come in.”

The couple tells us some of their longtime neighbors have already sold their homes to their newest neighbor, SpaceX.

A house located at 16 Weems Street is now boarded up and has a private property sign.

A property search on the Cameron County Appraisal District’s website revealed the home was appraised at more than $31,000. It also showed SpaceX is operating under the name Dogleg Park, LLC to make the purchases.

After CHANNEL 5 NEWS put a call into the appraisal district’s office, the appraised values of the properties owned by SpaceX were taken down.

The list of properties ranged in appraised value from $60 to more than $30,000.

“The more SpaceX buys out here, and eventually if they do decide to totally buy us out, they’re not going to offer us anything because they have already bought for such a low price,” the Heaton’s said.

Like all the other homeowners we spoke with, the Heaton’s say the construction by SpaceX has disrupted the quiet life they found along Boca Chica Blvd.

“With the houses across the street is the first one that the guy said, ‘Hey, I want out of my house. Do you want to buy it? And they did go in and put new furniture. That’s about it. Other than that nothing’s been done to the other places,” the couple said.

CHANNEL 5 NEWS reached out to SpaceX last week for comment on the developments near Boca Chica Beach. 


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