Residents in Sebastian Overwhelmed by Debris Following Flooding

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SEBASTIAN - Nearly a month after the flooding, people in Sebastian say their streets are still covered with debris.

Helen Garcia says she's never seen this much trash surround her neighborhood; she's worried the amount of debris is growing.

"There's rats coming out and there's other animals coming out so give us a break", says Garcia.

CHANNEL FIVE NEWS reached out to Willacy County Precinct 4 Commissioner Eduardo Gonzalez.

He says Sebastian had an overwhelming amount of debris from the flood.

The county hired a contractor but so many areas were affected and they’ve just had to wait their turn.

Commissioner Gonzalez says it’s scheduled for pickup Monday.

Gonzalez adds that in the meantime the county has been picking up brush and some of the trash, but workers need to be careful due to the health risks.

He says residents can take any debris to the Precinct 4 barn on Spence Road.

The barn will be open five days a week and half a day on Saturday.

For more information watch the video above.


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