Residents Near Border Feeling Safer

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HIDALGO – The people who live by the river or border fence say they go through challenges and benefits.

"It's very peaceful. It's a very beautiful, comfortable place to live. We love it, we love it,” said homeowners Ron and Janella Reicks.

A mobile home park in the city of Hidalgo is an oasis for the Reicks’, who have lived by the border fence for four years.

On Wednesday and most days, they say their yard is a path for people who cross the border illegally.

"There were two young men who crossed in front of me there on the road and, shortly thereafter, there were three that followed,” said the Reicks’.

For people trying to secure the border, it can be a dangerous place.

"Yesterday, we had our highest day apprehension day this fiscal year and that's well over 700 apprehensions,” said Rio Grande Valley Border Patrol Sector Chief Manuel Padilla.

Padilla explained the latest captures in the Rio Grande Valley.

"The March that just concluded, we had about 14,100 apprehensions. If you take this March and compare it to March of 17, we actually had 4,400 apprehensions,” he says.

The couple explains Border Patrol does their job.

"I'm trying to imagine a border here without them and I suppose there will be a lot more people coming through,” said Reicks.

The Reicks’ say they look forward to enjoying their piece of border paradise for many years to come.

Padilla adds they have detained 187,000 people caught crossing illegally along the southwest border.


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