Residents Near Dangerous Intersection Working on Petition to Get Traffic Light

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BROWNSVILLE – Residents living near the area where the five-vehicle crash took place in February are working on a petition to get a caution light changed.

Yara Amador lives in a neighborhood off Alton Gloor Boulevard.

She says she leaves her home earlier than she needs to in order to avoid getting in an accident.

"I've seen it all. I've had vehicles in my yard on several occasions," says Amador.

Amador says when she saw crews putting a light up last year, she was hoping the area would be safer, but was disappointed when she was told it was a flashing-caution light.

The Texas Department of Transpiration requested the City of Brownsville review the Alton Gloor intersection.

The City of Brownsville’s report stated the intersection hadn’t met any of the state standards for a traffic light.

The reports show nearly 260 incidents happened at the intersection in the last five years; more than 40 of the accidents involved injuries and four of them were fatal.

TxDOT says they’re always looking to make the roads safer and that the City of Brownsville can do another review of the intersection.

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