Residents On Edge after Shooting in Mercedes Neighborhood

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MERCEDES – Trails of bullet casings were found lining the street in a small Mercedes neighborhood.

A person who lives in the area was surprised to find out shooting take place in front of his home. CHANNEL 5 NEWS chose to hide his identity for his safety.  We will refer to him as Mario.

"Last night when I came there was like a group of five casings right here. They're not there now and there's one casing here,” he recalled. “This one and then there are several more casings as you walk down the street going that way, you'll see casings every so often.”

The trail of casings led to bullets found above road’s surface. Mercedes police investigators said they also found a bullet inside of this car.

"I wasn’t sure if it was somebody knocking on my door and homeboy just gave me a phone call. And when he gave me a phone call, he told me that somebody was shooting outside of his house because he was outside sitting down,” said a homeowner who lives in the area.

Mercedes Police Chief Olga Maldonado said a car was shooting at another car. She said officers were sent out around 8:30 p.m. to respond to a call of shots fired at the 1200 block of South Georgia.

Maldonado said the suspect car and victim's car abandoned their vehicles.

Mario said the shooting didn’t stop near his home.

"The car took off and the car just kept on following them and they just kept on shooting out all the way through two blocks down…(It) hit a couple of cars and stuff,” said Mario.

Mario said the incident could have been a lot worse for his neighborhood.

"The only concern that I had is that, good thing that it wasn't during the daytime when kids are coming to school,” said Mario.

Maldonado explained investigators are questioning one person. Authorities are still looking for another person in connection to the case. 


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