Residents Protect Themselves Against Flooding

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RAYMONDVILLE - A group of residents in Willacy County are working to protect themselves from the threat of future flooding.
     Some have decided to dig their own trenches in an effort to redirect floodwater from their homes.
     Sharron Means says her Raymondville neighborhood dealt with major flooding two years ago. Her home is still damaged from the 2015 deluge. Means says recent rains caused water levels to creep near her home.
     "My sister couldn't keep up with the shop vac," Means tells CHANNEL 5 NEWS. "I burned up one shop vac and ran to Alamo and got another one so she started with it again."
     The area is void of a drainage ditch so neighbors decided they'd dig their own. 
     Means says the manual labor is something her body is not built for.
     Means tells CHANNEL 5 NEWS, "When you're my age, yeah. How many almost 70 year old women do you see out digging?"
     Raymondville Mayor Gilbert Gonzales says they will be looking into the flooding problem in Means' neighborhood.


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