Residents Say Area Near Deadly 5-Vehicle Crash is Safety Concern

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BROWNSVILLE – Authorities say drivers need to use more caution when driving in the area where a five-vehicle crash took place on Friday.

Police say the crash took the life of 19-year-old Marco Delgado Junior and five people were sent to a local hospital.

People living in the neighborhood sitting in the 3200 block of Alton Gloor Boulevard say drivers get impatient around the area.

Local resident, John Ponce, says impatience and speed are common elements when driving in the area.

“They placed these caution lights, but there are people who do not slow down their speed; we always had problems coming out of here; they don't give us time,” says Ponce.

Another accident happened less than 24 hours after the five-vehicle crash about a quarter of a mile away on Alton Gloor.

Brownsville Police Detective Melissa Gonzalez says no one was seriously hurt or had to be transported to the hospital.

She says accidents happen there, just like they can happen anywhere.

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