Retail Store Continues Charging Man after Returning Product

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BROWNSVILLE – Dezmond Martinez thought he understood everything about the return policy for the iPad he purchased late last year at Conn's and returned a few days later.

But today he's still seeing a bill for the product on his credit card statement. He doesn't have the iPad and he has a bill.

"They're still charging me for the iPad until this day," he said.

In their response, Conn's said Martinez did not pay the restocking fee that was also required as part of their return policy.

Conn's said an outside bank handles the credit card statement. The company notifies customers of the return policy at the store and the return policy also appears on their website.

A spokesperson provided the following statement:

“Customer service is our top priority at Conn’s HomePlus and being transparent and clear about our return policy is an important component of treating our customers appropriately. To that end, we communicate our return policies through in-store signage, via contract documents and online. We encourage customers to review their return policies and remind customers that our associates are also available to answer any questions about returns to further educate them on the process.”

Conn's said they're making attempts to contact Martinez to tell him he can pay the restocking fee.

They say that will resolve the situation and eliminate the balance on Martinez's credit card.


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