RGV Emergency Responders on Standby

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RIO GRANDE VALLEY - Rio Grande Valley emergency medical responders are waiting to hear if they will be called to help in Hurricane Irma relief efforts.

Many are just beginning to return home from Hurricane Harvey relief work.

Daniel Ramirez, Emergency Medical Task Force Coordinator for Region 11 in Texas, says he will be alerted when the call is made for Valley medical teams to help in Florida.

Ramirez says Florida first responders will need to make a formal request to the federal government before area first responders can deploy. Once that request is made, the government will then contact the Texas Division of Emergency Management. That request is then filtered to Ramirez who sends out a mass email and text notification to Valley first responders.

Ramirez, who is heading home from Houston, says it's a toss up if the Valley will get called out.

"Being in the Valley, we're the furthest away. But we would still make resources available to respond in case they need assistance," Ramirez told CHANNEL 5 NEWS over the phone. "If they go out, then we would probably provide back fill after they're out there for a couple of days."

Ramirez says first responders in Florida will have to determine what their exact needs are before they make a request for resources.

A request could come in as early as Monday.


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