RGV Sector Horse Patrol to March on Inauguration Day

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WASHINGTON, D.C. – The Rio Grande Valley Sector Horse Patrol is in the D.C. region getting ready to head up Friday’s inauguration parade.

They’ll have eight mustangs in Friday’s parade. Border Patrol agents said the animals are incredible companions to patrol the nation’s borderlands.

“When people think of the U.S. Border Patrol, it’s usually an agent on horseback the way we started back in 1924,” Ruben Garcia, the horse patrol coordinator for RGV Sector 6S said.

The mustangs in the patrol were captured from the wild.

“(Rooster) was out in the wild for three years. He learned to survive, defend for himself. So it’s that instinct and we can’t replicate that with technology,” Garcia said.

He said mustangs are initially trained by prison inmates. He also said they’re brilliant at keeping American border’s safe.

“Once those ears tune in, I know something’s coming and for him it's go time,” Garcia said about the mustangs.

Garcia said if the idea of taming wild mustangs makes people sad they shouldn’t be. The animals they have are all take care of.

And on Friday the former wild mustangs will be part of the future president’s events.

Garcia said this is his second trip the D.C. The first was for Obama’s inauguration.

The Border Patrol agents mounted on the mustangs will trail behind the Honor Guard in Friday’s parade. 


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