Ridesharing Drivers Unable to Operate at Valley Airport

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HARLINGEN – A Rio Grande Valley man who drives for Lyft and Uber wanted to know why he is unable to pick up passengers at our local airports.

Craig Mitchell said he would make more money if pickups were available at airports.

CHANNEL 5 NEWS found that Uber does pickup from McAllen International and Brownsville Airport. However, the two major ridesharing companies do not have operating agreements with the Valley International Airport in Harlingen.

“I don’t see why we can’t, because Uber and Lyft work out of the Houston airport, Dallas airport, Austin and San Antonio,” said Mitchell.

The director of aviation at Valley International Airport, Marv Esterly, said ridesharing companies just need to sign an agreement with the airport in order to operate. He said that would mean giving $2 to the airport for each pickup and drop-off.

Esterly said quote federal law requires airports to maintain a self-sustaining rate structure. He added it's fiscally prudent for the airport to recapture these local dollars for continued maintenance of the airport.

A Lyft representative said they are trying to work out agreements in the Valley.

Uber said it is waiting on state regulations to kick in to regulate how much airports can charge per ride.


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