Rise in gas prices take toll on Valley food trucks

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The costs for operating a farm-to-table food truck just keep piling up for Diego Ramos, owner of Diego's Food Truck. 

“I feel it in every part of the business: When I have to travel from the farm to the restaurant, from the farm to my butcher,” Ramos said.

One economist says businesses will have to lose some earnings, even if it’s just for a few months.

“They try to provide the most stable final good— let’s say tacos, hamburgers, hotdogs— at a very stable price,” said Teo Sepúlveda. “Once they raise the price because there’s inflation, they don’t raise it the next month very quickly. They stay there, even if they get a little bit of losses because customers, we need predictability.”

Two years of a pandemic brought many lessons learned for the service industry.

Gas prices have been going down a bit, but economists say there's too much uncertainty to know if they'll keep dropping.


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