Rockport Businesses Affected by Hurricane Harvey Make Return

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ROCKPORT – The fishing town of Rockport took Hurricane Harvey head-on.

Local businesses are now beginning to open back up, just a month away from this year's hurricane season.

Tiffanie Hoover's business, Ron Hoover RVs, was rocked hard by Harvey.

"It was very surreal to come back, see the impact because that's your livelihood. It feeds not only your family but everybody that works for you," says Hoover. "We lost 19 total RV's (they were) a total loss as they were twisted and mangled."

She said they spent days preparing their RVs as the category 4 hurricane made its way straight to their town.

"The prep was very intense. We were done prepping on Friday about lunch as the storm began to hit," she says.

Despite the damages they are back up and running. Like many other businesses in the area, their insurance was able to cover what was lost in their inventory.

Hoover says her best advice for businesses along the coast or in the path of a potential hurricane is to know what exactly is covered by your insurance.

She said it wasn't until after the storm hit that they learned some of the stuff destroyed would have to come out of their own pockets.

"We don't have a fence. If you go in our office our ceiling is still damaged," says Hoover.

She says as the town continues to rebuild, she never wants to go through another Harvey again.

Another thing Hoover recommends for businesses is to have an emergency plan and to go over the plan with their employees. She says the process of preparing takes several days.

Before Hurricane Harvey made landfall, Rockport had nearly 1,200 businesses in the area. Now, the Rockport Fulton Chamber of Commerce says they are at 800 with more still on the way.

"I've seen less than 20 that say they are not going to reopen so that's pretty good, we are very proud of that," says Diane Probst, the Chamber of Commerce president

Probst says Rockport still needs 400 more businesses to open in order to be back where they were before Harvey.


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