Rockport Residents Return to Homes Without Power

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ROCKPORT – As clean up continues in Rockport many of those who live there are returning.

One hurdle those returning face is the lack of power in the town.

On Tuesday AEP estimates over 26,000 people in the Rockport area were still without power.

"I don't think there's ever going to be a normal," said Patima Meza, a Rockport resident.

Meza's property took extensive damage from the Category 4 hurricane.

"I had one shed standing and 3 down and all the fencing," said Meza.

She says each day since the storm is roughly the same; everyone is focused on putting the town back together.

"A lot of relief agencies and clubs and groups have come into town and set up kitchens and barbecue pits and are feeding the town," said Meza

Right now, one of the biggest challenges they face is the lack of electricity.

"We haven't had any since the 25 (of August) and today is the sixth (of September) so that's a major deal," said Meza.

When the sun sets, everyone either stays with people or with a group that has a generator. Then it’s back to cleaning up once the sun rises the next day.

Not everyone is back here in Rockport, many lost everything, Meza said she may never see her neighbor again.

"I don't know they just said they were starting over in San Antonio," said Meza when asked what was the last she heard from her neighbor.

After everything that has happened, Meza holds on to hope for what the future may hold.

"I'm here for the duration, I'm retired and I always wanted to live here so here I am."

According to AEP, power is expected to return to the area by the end of the week.


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