Salvation Army to Help Respite Center in McAllen

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MCALLEN – The McAllen respite center will be relocating in three months, but another agency is reportedly stepping up to help.

McAllen City Commissioners denied Catholic Charities' one year permit to remain in the same location on Monday evening.

Hundreds of migrant families pass through Catholic Charities every week.

The Salvation Army says they will be delivering a mobile shower unit to the temporary respite center location on Hackberry Avenue and 2nd Street.

"There was another organization that was lending their shower unit to the Catholic Charities. That organization needed to take their unit back, and so the Catholic Charities reached out to the Salvation Army," says public relations coordinator Mario Quintanilla.

The Salvation Army says no matter where the respite center is located they will continue to offer their help.

The Catholic Charities respite center will continue to work on finding their next location.



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