San Benito Man Asking City to Repair Potholes

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SAN BENITO – A man said potholes around his neighborhood are tough on his car. He wants the city to repair his street.

The longtime San Benito resident said getting results from the city isn’t easy.

Wayne Blackburn has been living in his home for the past 18 years. He said the street started falling some time ago.

“In the neighborhood of five years, I’ve been trying to work with the mayor and the city manager,” he said.

Blackburn said he’s called and complained about the roads in his neighborhood but he continues to get the same response from the city.

“They tell me that they are waiting for the gas company to relocate the lines. The gas company tells me they are waiting for the city to relocate the water lines. So I don’t know which it is, bottom line, the streets aren’t getting fixed,” he said.

He said the potholes aren’t just a nuisance; he keeps making costly repairs to his cars.

“The alignment on the tires, I had to have them fixed twice because the potholes keep knocking them out of alignment,” Blackburn said.

CHANNEL 5 NEWS reached out to the city of San Benito to see why repairs have not yet began in Blackburn’s neighborhood. They sent us the following statement:

"The City of San Benito is continuing its street repair program, but the recent rains are hampering our repair efforts, and in fact, are worsening the conditions of some streets...in this case, the Shafer and Whalen Road area. When the rains subside, city crews will be in that vicinity with a motor-grader to level the streets and fill the potholes with cold mix until they can be fully repaired."

At this point, all Blackburn can do is hope the city keeps its word.

We will report any updates as soon as they become available.


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