San Benito Mother Seeks More Answers after Results of Internal Investigation Released

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SAN BENITO – A San Benito mother continues to push for answers; her son was killed following a police pursuit late last year.

The city revealed the findings of a six month internal investigation Wednesday night.

Of the six officers previously identified as to being involved in the incident, only one, thus far, has been disciplined with a five day suspension.

The mother says the department’s results are not enough.

Rick Trevino was gunned down by San Benito police in December after a pursuit.

His mother, April Flores, says her son had been taking pain medication due to an injury from a tractor-trailer accident.

When Trevino took the meds on an empty stomach, she says a concerned family member called an ambulance. Police showed up as well.

Flores says her son refused medical attention and drove off.

The police followed – leading officers on a crosstown pursuit.

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