San Benito Police Chief Remains Under Investigation

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SAN BENITO – The San Benito police chief won’t be facing any criminal charges in the case of his leaked police recordings, but he’s still not in the clear.

The San Benito city manager said the three outside law enforcement agencies that were asked to investigate the matter found no wrong doing by police chief Michael Galvan. Still, he said, it remains an administrative investigation.

City manager Manuel De La Rosa, in a statement, said the internal investigation continues, given several allegations made by several San Benito police officers against Galvan.

He states, “Chief Galvan is in a high-profile position in his role as police chief, and he is held to a high standard of ethical and professional conduct. The members of the city commission, as elected officials, are accountable for our citizens and recognize that the public wants to know more.”

He goes on to say any police or practice changes will have to be determined by the commission, following the investigation.

CHANNEL 5 NEWS reached out to Galvan for comment on the latest findings. He has yet to respond.


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