Santa Claus Delivers Gifts to Valley Children

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EDINBURG – It’s been a very busy season for Santa Claus. Prior to his deliveries on Christmas Day, he heard a number of requests from children.

This year, Santa said most Valley children avoided the naughty list. He was able to get them gifts they wanted, within reason.

There were those who had wishes that seemed difficult to grant.

Joaquin Tamez asked for, “A real duck.”

“You want a real duck,” Santa asked. “Do you have a place to keep a real duck?”

“In the bathtub,” the Edinburg boy responded.

“You can’t keep a real duck in a bathtub all the time,” Santa said.

“Not always. I’m going to take it out,” he said.

Santa said there were popular toys with the children he spoke with in the Valley.

“We have all of the Legos, Batman, Minecraft. We have also the phones, the iPads,” he said.

But Santa said he has heard something from children he really enjoys hearing. He said the children don’t necessarily want the material things.

“They want their families to be together. I’ve had several that that’s all they wanted was their family to be together for Christmas. And I think that’s awesome,” he said.

Santa said when he hears children want to be with family first and foremost, it gives him his magic to make it through the season.


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