Santa Claus Receives Numerous Gift Requests by RGV Children

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HARLINGEN - An old Rio Grande Valley St. Nick had a very busy Christmas season after lots of children paid him a visit.

This year, Santa dressed with his traditional Finnish attire to meet the children who expect to tell him their Christmas gift request.

Mexican nationals Sofia and Penelope Adame were some of the children that lined up to tell Santa what they want for Christmas, a Hatchimal. Santa said these toys and many others are popular among the young ones.

“The biggest thing I am asked for is the Hatchimal. The second largest thing I am asked for is the Shopkins and then it’s the hoverboard,” he said.

He also said volunteers from a McAllen adult day care center also visited his site. My Options Adult Day Care volunteer Clarissa Euniz Garza said the group works to help those with special needs.

“We care about Santa Claus and we love Santa, and we just want the kids to meet (him),” she said.

This particular Santa said he still applies the same old rules to children requesting their Christmas gift.

“Here’s the naughty or nice system that I use. And it is, ‘Did you listen to your mom and dad?’ ‘Did you do your homework without being asked?” he listed. “’ Did you pick up your room?’ And the most important of them all is, ‘Have you gotten upset and gotten mad or talked back to your mom in the last year?”

He then advises them to behave so they could also be included in his checking list, and have their Christmas wish granted.


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