Santa Rosa Residents Seek Answers after Homes Remain Underwater

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SANTA ROSA - Eleven days after the storm Santa Rosa is still inundated; residents tell us the water isn't receding.

Neighbors near FM 506 between La Feria and Santa Rosa tell us some of the homes still have five feet of standing water inside.

"Someone isn't doing their job,” says resident Janie Cabrerra.

Cabrerra says the water levels aren't receding; instead they’ve gone up since the June rains.

She's wondering if the area is a water dumping ground for neighboring city pumps and farmers.

The Cameron County Fire Marshal drove through the area, passing out bug spray and mosquito dunks, but they want to know where the pumps are.

"There's no drainage system in this area, so why in all these years has not one been created?" says another resident, Maggie Coranado.

Cameron County Emergency Management says they are pumping water, but they've run out of space to place the water.

Alberto Vento tells us he used to work for the county and took us to this pump site.

"They didn't have these pumps until yesterday afternoon," says Vento.

Neighbors say the longer their homes stay flooded, the less of a likelihood the area will recover.

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