Scam Alert: BBB warns community of soliciting scams

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With hurricane season quickly approaching, the Better Business Bureau is warning the community of scammers who may want to take advantage of people looking to make home repairs after storms. 

Hilda Martinez, president of the Better Business Bureau for the South Texas Region, says people should be more aware of any "door to door solicitors" trying to sell you a product, roofing, or solar panels.

Martinez said scammers are always looking for their next victim. 

Harlingen resident Maria Escalante said two strangers approached her home, insisting she sign up for all sorts of home repair, ad she's not the only one. 

Her neighbor, Martin Sanchez, says he had a similar encounter. 

"Don't believe these people," Sanchez said. "The come knocking on your door, but don't give them your bank account information. I did that, trusting that they were good people."

Luckily Sanchez said he notified his bank before he lost money, but Martinez says people aren't always that fortunate. 

That's why the BBB urges people to read over any contract carefully before agreeing and signing. 

"A lot of these consumers also are not aware that the contract states there's going to be a lean on their property," she said. "So be very careful."

Martinez said to avoid falling victim to these scams, people should never sign a contract electronically, and they should make sure the contract has a start date and always take the time to make an informed decision. 

"Let us check out the contractors," Martinez said. "Let us check out any kind of information we can give you, advice of what you need to do."

To report a scam or ask for help, contact the BBB at (956)969-1804.


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