Scene of McAllen bee swarm not clear yet

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McAllen firefighters are still urging people in the Cedar Avenue neighborhood to stay indoors after seven people were injured by a swarm of bees.

The bee hive that was found in an abandoned house in the neighborhood has yet to be removed.

According to McAllen Fire Department Assistant Fire Chief Juan Gloria, four people were transported to a local hospital following Thursday’s bee attack. Two of those people were severely attacked. 

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Gloria said it was an isolated incident- and the aggravated bees came from a mature beehive believed to be several years old. 

"This is the time of the year in which the beehives begin to be a lot more active,” Gloria said. “In our area it is very common to see bee hives migrate from one location to the other,"

Gloria said if you see a swarm of bees relocating from one place to another - the best thing to do is to go in the opposite direction without disturbing them if possible. 

The fire department has gotten in contact with the owner of that property on Cedar Avenue. The owners are now responsible for contacting a licensed professional to remove the beehive. 


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