School District Opens Food Pantry to Keep Students Fed

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EDINBURG---A new program is stepping in to feed hungry students outside of school. The Edinburg school district and the Food Bank of the Rio Grande Valley have created a partnership that has allowed an empty classroom to be used as a food pantry. 

Susie Aguilar, the principal at Carmen Avila Elementary, says 90 percent of students come from low-income families. 

"Some of our students that sometimes don't have food at night, sometimes the meals here at school are the only meals they eat. The school is feeding approximately a hundred families a week," said Aguilar.

With a food pantry available at the school, a parent says the program has made her feel economically relieved. 

Lisa Saenz says it's a great motivation for them and for us as parents, we feel more confident in receiving help.

Parents say the school is providing a service that not many families had access to before. Another parent says the program was much needed, given that there are a few services available to help them. 

The District hopes to have a food pantry on every campus one day.



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