Sebastian Cotton Gin Manager Speaks on Trade Conditions

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SEBASTIAN – A Sebastian cotton gin manager is looking to make up for lost business after the tough last two years.

Chris Breedlove says it’s been a tough 12 years he's had working in at a Sebastian cotton gin.

"It flooded and we want to start ginning right now. We can't because we're still trying to get over the flood," says Breedlove.

He says not only did the bad weather conditions hurt the cotton business this year, but also the bad trade conditions.

Breedlove says China is no longer buying cotton from the Rio Grande Valley.

On Wednesday, 21 cotton buyers from Indonesia visited Willacy County looking to make a deal.

CHANNEL 5 NEWS spoke with one of the buyers, Abhy Agarwal, who says he and others are filling in the gap left when China disappeared as a customer.

Agarwal says Indonesia already buys cotton from the U.S.

He says the buyers will work to insure us cotton is a "preferred cotton" back home in Indonesia.

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