Sen. Lindsay Graham, Rep. Henry Cuellar call on Biden to appoint border czar

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An unlikely partnership came together Friday to urge President Biden to do more to combat the influx of migrants at the southern border.   

South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham - a Republican - and Democratic Rep. Henry Cuellar requested that The White House name a border czar to coordinate efforts. Cuellar also announced that 80 border agents have tested positive for Covid in the Rio Grande Valley.

Both lawmakers raised concerns about a recent report this week that said 50,000 migrants who've crossed illegally have been released in the U.S. without a court date. They're supposed to show up at an ICE office instead.

“People are being put on the honor system to show up…people aren't showing up,” Cuellar said. 

Both men expressed support for former DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson as border czar.

“What we're asking for is the administration to put somebody new, with a new set of eyes, in charge of this problem,” Sen. Graham said. 

Rep. Cuellar added that it doesn't make sense to lose billions of dollars at our bridge from tourists while letting migrants in. Channel 5 News reached out to CBP and local mayors and judges to hear more about the impact of the migrant influx and did not hear back. 


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