Seniors Seek Refund Following Temporary Closure of Center

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MISSION – For a group of retirees, their home and winter retreat at Enchanted Valley Ranch in Mission has been anything but enchanted this year.

Dennis Gabrovic says the community center was suddenly shut down in January. He says about 400 seniors live at the ranch. 

"We would not have come here for the winter, I would have went somewhere else," he comments.

He told CHANNEL 5 NEWS the homeowners association bills were due this month.

 "We paid $369 last week. Now, they’ve shut our park down," he says.

Although he and others paid up, they were welcomed with a sign on the doors stating it will be closed for two months.

Gabrovic says he wants his money back but has been unable to reach anyone from the office.

"There’s nobody in the office. The office is locked up,” he says.

CHANNEL 5 NEWS contacted board members at the ranch. One board member spoke with us off camera.

When asked about the paid HOA money, the board member told us he can't comment on the case.

We also spoke with three attorneys. Each one says when it comes to getting money back from an HOA, it often comes down to the bylaws.

Attorney Jordan King works at a firm specializing in real estate and family law.

"I would advise the people to seek legal counsel from an attorney who is familiar with this area of the law,” he says. “And for that attorney to make an assessment whether there is a claim for relief here in the situation."

Gabrovic says the posted closure lasts through most of their winter stay.

"Things like this, I would never have my home down here. That’s why we bought it to use these facilities," he says. 

Some of Gabrovic's neighbors also tell us they were concerned that trash bills managed by the board would still be handled.

The board member we spoke with did agree to tell us that trash service will continue.


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